Lisa Marē was born out of my endless obsession
with the mysticism, power and beauty of the Sea and Precious Stones.

My pieces are the ultimate talisman, reminding us of the tenuous balance
between power and vulnerability, turning nature on its head.

The jaws are from my personal collection formed over years of travel.

The fossilized teeth found at the ocean’s floor have taken millions of years to form.

Sharks who will shed over 30,000 teeth in their lifetime.

Each piece is one of a kind.

Treasure it.


I support people who seek to empower others through the sea,
and a portion each sale is contributed to:

Walk On Water ("AWOW") is a family of watermen providing surf therapy to children with special needs through the therapeutic power of the ocean. Founded in 2012, the nonprofit organization has hosted over 2,000 athletes through volunteer-led Surf Therapy events that allow families to experience the ocean’s transformative properties for one perfect, restorative day at the beach. AWOW continues to serve additional athletes in need every year, focusing on their mission to bring Surf Therapy to children and families worldwide.